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We design a course that meets your needs. 

TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GREA general English course at Nova will generally have an international exam preparation slant unless it is dismissed by our student(s). We understand you may want to learn English for your purposes!

We teach English for the sake of communicating in English! In fact, even our test-oriented courses have communication at their core.

English for Specific Purposes
English for Specific Purposes

At Nova Language Consultants we have a rich experience teaching English for the following areas: Law, Business, Medicine, Culinary Arts, Journalism + Media, and Tourism. Our experience in these areas is based on a long-standing relationship with students and professionals at various Chilean Schools: P. Universidad Católica, U. de Chile, Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad del Desarrollo, Culinary School by Juanita Elton, and other organizations and businesses.

If you are an individual or an organization, contact us and we will make sure that your specific needs are met in the process of our course design, implementation, and continuous assessment and evaluation.

General English Courses outside Nova Language Consultants

All this said, we can suggest prestigious organizations with a solid history in the Chilean market to improve your English in case you want to try and learn more before coming to Nova for specialized courses. We trust traditional language schools to achieve a B2 / intermediate level with a focus on social English. The British Institute in Santiago seems to be a fair option. Norteamericano was a good option in the past, but we’re  not sure now. They’ve had a lot of changes. Visit them, and see what they offer. Check with them who is teaching! If they give you vague answers, opt out. After all, teachers make the difference in your classroom.



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