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Our students are at some of these prestigious schools:

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Upon completing a TOEFL / IELTS / GMAT / GRE course, our  students get advice on school search, degree options, and application procedures. They receive assistance with official translations and other essential documents.

When you access our Graduate Assitance program, you can benefit from experts’ advice through our collaborators: Latino Australia-Chile, STI, US Journal of Academics, and our graduate school network compounded to a large extent of:

  • School admissions representatives in Chile;
  • Chilean alumni from top-tier universities in English-speaking countries;
  • International Education Fairs and their organizers.

Our students have been accepted and have pursued (or are pursuing) their graduate degrees in well-renowned universities in countries such as the United States, England, Australia and New Zealand. Check their testimonials or contact us so that you can speak to them. (not all students post their testimonials on our page but they’ll be happy to speak to you personally)

What’s your choice?

Ranking can be an important consideration, but it’s not all. Actually, many countries, such as Australia and the UK, do not offer an official ranking due to their country public policies. You need to consider the scope of your interest, faculty you can connect with, student and alumni body for networking purposes, and also very domestic considerations such as the weather that can be important for you and your family if you’re traveling with your spouse, domestic partner, and / or children.

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The Washing Post published this article against US graduate school rankings. Why not read it?

We recommend you do your own research based on your academic interest, the professors you can work with, a program that better serves your interests and goals, and a place where you can live for 12 to 24 months or longer, depending on your desired degree. Your experience needs to be enjoyable as you do the hard academic work that is involved.

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