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Meeting Maite Expósito: teaching and entrepreneurship

Nova Language Managing Director: A teacher at heart, an entrepreneur, and so much more.

Graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica (PUC) with a BA degree in TEFL, Maite started what is known today as Nova Language Consultants under the name “The English Trading Post”  in 1993.

Her teachers at Saint John’s Villa Academy, her Basque father and family and her college classmates could witness Maite’s restless, generous and fun spirit as she led her high-school cheerleaders’ group; later she presided the UC English student union and became part of the UC Student Federation in the early 90s. While pursuing her degree she also volunteered to teach Math and Language in poor areas of Santiago de Chile, her hometown. She was also a teaching assistant for courses in her academic program which added to her early career as a private teacher of English.

This story began in 1993 with what was then known as The English Trading Post®, a small start-up by Maite Expósito and Mauricio Miraglia. Diario La Segunda showcased Maite and Mauricio in 1994, as young entrepreneurs with one simple conviction: helping others communicate in English was a means for individuals to achieve their goals. They daringly added, “if the course does not exist, we create it for you” This conviction became Nova Language motto and has stayed the same ever since. In fact, Nova Language Consultants®  does not offer ready-made courses or packs. Instead, every course, whether it be for an individual, a business organization, a university, etc, is always tailored-made for specific needs. 

Much of the intellectual work (our selection of materials, assessment tools, course programs, and lesson plans) was carried out in the oddest places, such as a Mauricio’s living-room in Juana de Lestonac first and later at Maite’s storage room in her building basement in Reyes La Valle.  Maite and Mauricio made themselves a name for their extremely professional and personalized service. 

In 2000 “The English Trading Post” became “Nova Language Consultants.” Mauricio, co-founder, left for the US for the pursuit of his master degree in Education and Technology and Maite became a sole business owner. A re-foundation of Nova Language Consultants had just begun.

Maite sees that Nova is a business run by teachers hiring, training and giving professional opportunities for other teachers. Why such importance to teachers? Because our teachers are key when becoming partners with our students. Only true teachers become “in-synced” with a person eager to learn and pursue his/her demanding and life-changing goals such as attaining a graduate degree overseas.

Between 2001 and 2007 Maite conducted deep changes in the organization which positioned Nova Language Consultants as a leading school in the preparation of international exams, such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and GRE. Today, we assist and work with more than 300 individuals along with businesses and universities. Mauricio came back to Nova Language as a consultant in 2006 after his experience at Columbia University and helped in shaping what Nova Language Consultants can offer today.

Maite knows that her entrepreneurial / educational work is her true mission and instills her vigor and enthusiasm to every student and every professional working at Nova Language ®. Today she teaches GMAT courses and leads our Graduate Assistance line where she’s become a trademark for the Chilean market.

Maite travels quite often to different parts of the world and has visited many of the universities regarded as top choices when applying for their degrees: Columbia, NYU, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Duke, to name a few. She manages Nova Language Consultants®, teaches GMAT and assists students in our Graduate Assistance line.

Top of the line teachers back up her efforts and help Nova Language Consultants® excel as a leading school in the preparation of international exams for graduate studies.

Married with 3 children, Maite’s preferred hobby is horses and turfs. She is currently a stockholder at Hipódromo Chile and owns her own stud named Nova! Maite lives happily with her children, her husband and her extended family, 2 dogs and 4 cats included.


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