Starting with us

Start up with Nova Language Consultants

It only takes a few steps to get your course started with Nova Language Consultants.

step oneUse our contact form  before making a phone call. We’ll reply to you email and learn more about what your needs are.


step twoWe’ll arrange a day / time so you come for your Initial Assessment (IA) at our Santiago office. The IA for General English courses lasts 1 hour and the IA for International Exams lasts 3.5 hours.


step three48 to 74 hours after you have taken the IA, you should receive your Initial Assessment Report.

After completing these steps, we’ll coordinate your personalized schedule and assign you an instructor. You will be ready to start your personalized course with our selected instructors!

Come back to this page after you’ve completed the initial process and register with us. Registrations can only happen after you’ve completed this process. Forms completed without our steps will be deleted and users will be blacklisted!

Start-up forms are available here. Choose your best fit.

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